Mr. & Mrs. Note love story begins in a concept with a paradoxical representation of the stereotype of men and woman.


Like Adam and Eve, this beautiful couple it's the first of new species destined to great achievements.

A version more rude, direct, crude and simpler. The other, more complete, refined and with attention to detail.
Now, who is who?

Mrs. Note
is elegant and refined. Designed to optimise your workspace. As a calculating woman is able to adapt to any situation.

A big dimensions desk, though to be an extension of the user. The main focus is the leather organiser cases and the hidden structure, where is storage space and electric connections.

Mr. Note
desk was though to be simple, robust and practical. As a man of heavy work.

A simple desk tough specially from the user point of view. Robust and with big dimensions, has a lower shelf and scratch- resistant top, requisite for its use. Not losing aesthetics or ergonomics, this desk was striped down to its primary concept - functional usage.

Mr. Note

Mrs. Note

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