Being the highest quality an unquestionable factor, De Fontes is raising its competitiveness to the product design. Here we work everyday with high-level and competent professionals, capable to create, support and optimize the development of new products.


Here lives our passion, roots and history. We combine art and tradition, innovation and craftsmanship in a continuous search for customer’s satisfaction. Each product is created from the creativity and knowledge of our craftsmen, translated into a perfect result, narrating the tradition of quality wood working during several years in the northern region of Portugal.




We pride ourselves on the highest quality of our finishings which guarantees an exceptional aesthetics and durability to our furniture. We invest considerable resources in the continuous innovation to provide our customers the most cutting-edge and differential market solutions.

In this area we have the support of partners dedicated to the art for several years, posssing a unique skill and technique, wich are reflected in the prodcuts through a smooth touch and extreme comfort. The strict selection of fabrics reflets on the final product a high-durability and resistance.

The packaging is designed based on each product, in order to guarantee the best transportation conditions and security so as not interfere with its integrity. When necessary, we have available a team that ensures the assembly of the product on the final destination.

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