Started as a local family-owned workshop by its founder Alberto Fernandes on the early 70’s, Fábrica de Móveis de Fontes was established in 1989 based on many years of craftsmanship in woodworking.  


Over the years, the company mainly focused on the production for various companies and national brands, although in the last decade has been adopting an international expansion strategy. This bet has brought new challenges which daily helps De Fontes conquer a greater know-how regarding new work techniques, strengthen trade relations with our clients and in developing new international contacts, consolidating our position as a reliable partner on future projects.  


Currently, we identify ourselves as a company capable of responding the several needs of our customers regarding on small or medium sized projects. Further than furniture brands, our partners are also decoration studios, product designers and interior architects.


While modern machinery has improved the efficiency of furniture production, we strive to keep connected to traditional furniture handcrafting. What characterizes the company’s performance and competitiveness is versatility and dedication to our customers. “We do this because it’s difficult, it is a challenge that gives us pleasure and makes us feel capable. Because these furniture are not produced in series, are individually custom handmade by a team of craftsmen.


De Fontes allows all its customers to customize furniture through a selection of finishes, materials, various types of woods and metals, and a wide range of fabrics and leathers. Who decides the final appearance of the product is the customer. In addition of having the opportunity to customize the products from our catalogue, the client can find on us, a reliable partner to develop tailor-made products. “When the experience of working together is one of partnership And possibility, your work doesn’t feel like work. It’s more like play.”

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