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Defontes started as a local family-owned furniture workshop in the early 70's. 

In the last few years, motivated by exports and countless cooperations with Interior Designers, Architects and Brands, both national and international, Defontes has been adapting the business in order to be able to execute turnkey projects.

While modern machinery has improved the efficiency and massification of furniture production, we strive to keep some traditional handcrafting techniques .  The performance of the company is characterized by its competitiveness through versatility, the creative approach to design and meticulous dedication to our clients. 


The mastery in the hands of the artisans...

Our work is more than just manufacturing as we know the best results come through collaborations. The creative department assists you to develop your products from the design concept through to technical details and ergonomics, material selection, structural requirements, assembling systems and finishings.


Our approach is the same regardless of whether it is a unique piece of furniture or for a complete interior design project.


How we work | Our Expertise

Our multidisciplinary team combines the mindset of contemporary and modern designers with the expertise of artisans creating unique products to the highest standards. 

Wood | Metal | Lighting | Upholstery | Marble

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In the last decade we adopted an international expansion strategy. This has brought new challenges which Defontes has risen to by implementing new work techniques with more efficient production and logistics, we have strengthened our existing customer relationships and established new international clients and partners. We will continue to ensure our position as a dependable supplier for future projects.

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